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Join the Craig Research Labs Folding@home Team - Folding@home is a computational research effort that seeks to discover how proteins assemble themselves. The program is run by The Pande Group at Stanford University, and Craig Research Labs has a Folding@home team that you can join to help get the research done faster. All you need is a home computer and the desire to help -- it's fun and easy, so sign up today!

COA Whale Catalogs - Photographic databases of known indentifiable whale individuals in the world's oceans.

The Tree of Life Web Project - A taxonomy site where you can find information about thousands of species of plants and animals.

Diversity of Life Web Index - Another great taxonomy database.

DNAi - An interactive tour through the history and impact of DNA science.

The Human Genome Project - Home page of the most important biology research project of all time.

GenBank - Site where all of the data from the Human Genome Project is stored.

Talking Glossary Of Genetic Terms - An interactive glossary of genetic terms.

The Twenty Amino Acids - It all basically comes down to this. (This site describes the twenty amino acids that form the building blocks of all proteins found in the human body.)

Fossils - Window to the Past - A good, basic introduction to paleontology, yet still has enough information to hold the interest of more advanced fossil buffs.

Microbe World - Learn all about the littlest living things. - This is another excellent microbiology site; they call themselves "The Microbiology Information Portal", and the description is accurate.

Deep Ocean Creatures - Check out some of the strange things that live in the DEEP ocean.

Bonaire Underwater ReefCam - My favorite biology webcam because it's in an uncontrolled natural environment; you never know what's going to swim by!

Oregon Coast Aquarium JellyCam - Here's another fascinating webcam -- good high resolution pictures.

CELLS alive! Cell Cams - Here's one more webcam page -- this time through a microscope!

IUBio Archive for Biology data and software - This site is designed for biology professionals -- it's a link list for biology software sources on the Internet. A great site.

Terns in flight -- Bird Island (Mokumanu), Oahu, Hawaii.
(Photos this page courtesy NASA & NOAA.)

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