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Click to Cure Cancer

News Flash: To date this page has raised $2831.60 for cancer research (1/31/2014)!

Click on the "I Fight Cancer" button below to make a donation to fund cancer research. You may click once per day only.

(Click Here)

This click is free for you -- the donated funds are generated by the banner ads you will view on the following page. You must take the time to allow the page which displays the ads to load completely or your click will not be counted, and please have the courtesy to actually look at the ads and if you like what you see please click through and shop with the advertisers. Remember, these advertisers are the ones that pay for your donation, so let's give them the best click through rate they've ever received!

All ad revenues generated by the "Click to Cure Cancer" program will be donated by the advertisers to fund cancer research. Funds will be stipulated for research only -- it is our intent that this money be used for research to find a cure, and not for administrative purposes, public relations, or any other purpose.

  • Does Craig Research Labs receive a fee for running this program?

No. 100% of the ad revenues that we collect through the "Click to Cure Cancer" program are donated to fund cancer research.

  • How much does my click earn for cancer research?

Every click earns money to support cancer research. Unfortunately, it is impossible to state precisely how much each click is worth because the advertisers we use may change from day to day and the rates paid by advertisers participating in our program are variable and may be calculated differently for each advertiser. For example, banner ad networks using a CPM model pay per banner impression (and sometimes won't disclose what each impression in their client's ad campaign is worth until after the campaign is complete), while advertisers whose contracts have been negotiated privately with Craig Research Labs are paying a flat rate per day for display of their ads (currently $0.10/day). So precise calculation becomes impossible. However, please know that regardless of the payment details, your clicks are valuable -- they earn money to support cancer research, and without visitors viewing the ads, we will lose our sponsors, and you will no longer be able to donate through this program.

 Links to other "Click to Donate" sites

If you like our Click to Cure Cancer page, then there are many other free donation sites on the web that will probably be of interest to you. Rather than attempt to list them all here, I've decided to list hub pages that point to these sites. Click the links below to begin to explore the many worthy "click to donate" pages on the Internet. -
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