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Click to Cure Cancer
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The Craig Research Labs "Click to Cure Cancer" program is a great way to advertise your product or service while at the same time making the world a better place by generating revenue to support basic cancer research.

Craig Research Labs does not collect or keep ANY of the money you pay to be a sponsor on the page -- you donate 100% of your ad dollars directly to a major cancer research institution to help find a cure for cancer, and we post your ad!

Ad rates are cheap -- just ten cents a day, with a ten day minimum purchase. We feel that these rates are within the budget of everyone -- individuals as well as businesses. The "Click to Cure Cancer" webpage currently gets an average of about 1,000 page views per day.

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Please Click here to purchase ad space. Kindly put "Click to Cure Cancer Ad Purchase" in the subject line of your email, so that I will be able to spot it right away amid the torrents of junk email that I receive each day.

Craig Research Labs reserves the right to refuse any ad banners containing or linking to content that we feel is inappropriate for our site (we are a "kid safe" site).

Thank you.