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Friends of the Cancer Walk

Let's give credit where credit is due. The following individuals have very generously given their time, support, and enthusiasm to the Craig Research Labs Cancer Walk project; I owe them all a debt of gratitude! Listing them here is one very small way I can say "Thank you!" Please visit their websites and enjoy all that they have to offer.

Kimmi Ramone - - Organizer of "Rock to Cure Cancer in Honor of Joey Ramone" benefit concert series.

Michael Bright - - Founder of micro volunteering portal Help from Home.

Alesia Shute - - Cancer survivor and author of the book "Everything's Okay", a story of childhood cancer, survival, and a joyous life.

Adam Laverick - - In October 2010 Adam is going to run 180 miles coast to coast in the UK to raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

Dana-Suzan Crews - - Organizer of the Bill Crews Remission Run in support of the Hagemeister Research Fund and the MD Anderson Lymphoma Tissue Bank.

"The Snowballer" - - Creator of The Snowball Project - One man, forty improbable challenges, one million pounds to fight cancer!

Anne & Gundy - - Bicycling from San Francisco to Washington D.C. to raise money and awareness to fight brain cancer.