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Don't wait for the walk to start...donate right now!

Craig Research Labs Cancer Walk

"This year I will be walking across the United States to raise money for cancer research. I am asking every American (who is financially able to do so) to donate one dollar for every family member or close friend they have known in their lifetime who has fought cancer. Secure online donation buttons are provided for you below; scroll down. I thank you for your participation in this very important project!"


Douglas Craig
Craig Research Labs

Email me at to get involved!

This cancer walk is dedicated to the memory of my sister, Palmer Stamell.

Donate - Cure Cancer!

*New* - Secure online donations direct to the charity - No processing fees.
All charities listed are nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofits, so your donation is tax deductible.

The Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Secure online donations through
All charities listed are nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofits, so your donation is tax deductible. (Note: charges a 7.5% processing fee; to avoid processing fees please donate using one of the "direct to the charity" buttons in the section above.)

American Cancer Society

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Lymphoma Research Foundation

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

More charities to be added soon!
If you prefer to donate offline, please use the following list of recommended charities.

Route Map

---> I am starting the walk near Tampa and finishing in LA.

Latest Update on Preparations - 3/7/2011

I am pleased to announce that I have been talking with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute this week and they have worked with me to make it possible for you to donate directly to The Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber through a special fundraising page -- fee free! This means that you can now donate directly to Dana-Farber, bypassing so you won't have to pay FirstGiving's 7.5% processing fee. Please use the button labeled "The Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute" at the top of this page to make your donation. Note that the secure page you will be taken to will indicate that it's part of the Boston Marathon, but actually it's a special page just for the Craig Research Labs Cancer Walk (all of the Jimmy Fund individual fundraiser pages say "Boston Marathon" on them, that's just how they are set up -- if I can customize the page to remove this erroneous information, I will).

Update on Preparations - 8/7/2010

Now that I have some additional time to prepare for my walk, I feel it is very important for me to focus on donations. I've had the donation links you see posted above live on this page for approximately two months now, yet not one single person has opened up their wallet and made a donation to any of the cancer charities I have listed. I know times are tough, this the way it is going to be during my walk? I sure hope not...I am not planning to walk across America just for the exercise, folks. I've worked very hard to set up these donation links, and this whole project is pointless if nobody is willing to donate. Who will be the first among you to step up, make a donation, and begin the effort to cure cancer???

Update on Preparations - 7/31/2010

I have decided to push back the departure date of the cancer walk for (at least) a month or two. The reasons are as follows:

1) I have a relative who is going into the hospital this month for an operation, and I want to be around to help out in any way I can during his recovery.
2) I am the publicist for the "Rock to Cure Cancer in Honor of Joey Ramone" benefit concert series, and I need to work really hard right now to make sure this year's shows are a success -- this is the busiest time because the two main shows are coming up on August 27th & 28th at Don Hill's in New York City, followed shortly thereafter by a couple of Long Island shows, and I've got a ton of last minute press activity that I will need to do right up to the day of the shows.
3) I need to massively increase the size of my publicity network in order to ensure the fundraising success of my cancer walk -- my network is growing rapidly (I picked up over 1,000 new followers on Twitter this month) but it is still not large enough to reach the general public en masse.
4) I still have some gear issues to work out -- specifically, I have not yet found a good enough communications solution which will enable me to keep in contact over the Internet while I am out in the middle of the desert during the walk (obviously, this is crucial if I am to do my daily publicity & fundraising activities).

I have always said that I will only leave on the cancer walk when I am 100% ready; therefore, I am unapologetically postponing now. Don't worry, I am not canceling. I've worked for seven years to make this walk happen, and when it does, I want to make sure I do it right. Please be patient; I will announce a new departure date as soon as everything else falls into place.

In the meantime, if you want to help cure cancer feel free to use the links above to make a donation. I don't need to be walking in order for you to do that...

Update on Preparations - 6/22/2010

I am pleased to announce that secure online donations for many major cancer charities are now live on this webpage via! I plan to eventualy list all of the best known and most trusted cancer charities in the United States, so you will have many choices for where your donation dollars go. I currently have six charities listed for you; more are coming soon!

Update on Preparations - 6/10/2010

I realize that my current donations page is a little unwieldy, so today I am trying to figure out how to set up a secure charity portal page so you can make convenient online donations using your credit card. I'm looking into the services offered by a variety of different companies -- so far is the front runner since they charge a relatively low transaction processing fee and support a huge number of cancer charities. I'll let you know as soon as I have more information; until then, please continue to use the old page, and if you do remember to write to me at so I can include your donation in the overall running total I am tracking for this cancer walk!

Update on Preparations - 5/27/2010

I have just set up a Twitter account to make it easier & more fun for you to follow my adventures during my cancer walk; follow me at @douglascraig -- -- Thought of the Day: since the site is called "Twitter", and the messages are called "tweets", does this mean that I am now a "twit", LOL?!?

Please note that my Twitter account (and my Facebook & MySpace pages, etc.) will only provide supplemental information; the page you are reading RIGHT NOW will still be the primary source for up to date, accurate information about my cancer walk, and you should check it frequently (especially if you are a member of the press)!

Update on Preparations - 5/26/2010

Today I am toying with the idea of adding a "mini tour" around Florida to the start of my cancer walk...this would allow me to visit NASA (which I have wanted to do since I was a kid), make promotional stops at several major cities, visit my relatives, and thoroughly test all of my critical survival gear before I head out alone across the United States.

Update on Preparations - 5/15/2010

What's this, you ask? Well, it's a year's worth of sunscreen products that I have purchased in advance for my walk. Both sides of my family originally hail from Scotland many generations back, and we all have very fair skin...I'm the palest of the bunch...I'm the only person I know who can get a sunburn in a rainstorm, lol! (I'm exaggerating of course, but not by much.) Since I will be out of doors 100% of the time during my cancer walk, and I will be passing through deserts where the sunlight is fierce, I am very concerned about limiting my sun exposure. If you like to work or play in the outdoors, then you should be too -- be sure to put on sunscreen every time, because most skin cancers are entirely preventable. I purchased all of these sunscreen products very affordably at a dollar store -- protecting yourself doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Just say no to skin cancer!

Corporate Sponsorships - 5/13/2010

I would like to get major American corporations involved in this project; I will be offering product endorsements and other corporate sponsorship opportunities. Any company that contacts me about this is sure to receive an enormous amount of (nearly) free publicity for an entire year; the handcart I am constructing is eight feet long and it's basically a rolling billboard that will no doubt be photographed constantly during my trip! Plus I will be speaking to the press on a daily basis, and I will definitely work hard to make sure an appropriate spotlight is thrown upon any company that supports my walk. This is a golden opportunity for the right company to enhance their brand image -- corporate support of charity projects is a proven method of generating positive publicity and public goodwill. I am most interested in support from corporations that produce sporting and outdoor gear (Nike, Columbia Sportswear, etc.) -- this makes sense because I will be making extensive use of outdoor products during my trip -- but I am willing to make arrangements with anyone who wishes to publicly support the fight against cancer. If you would like to discuss sponsoring my walk, please contact me at right away!

Update on Preparations - 5/9/2010

Here is my new solar power system in action! During the walk the solar panels will be mounted on the top of my handcart, and the batteries/inverters will be mounted inside. The laptop computer is actually running off of one of the batteries in this photo, but you can't tell because the angle of the LCD screen makes it appear dark.

Update on Preparations - 5/8/2010

I've been concentrating my energies the last few days on my training runs, publicity, and getting my new solar power systems up and running. I got out my soldering iron and my voltmeter, and soldered up the custom cables I needed to interface the panels with my battery bank. I charged up the batteries from the sun for the first time today, and everything worked great! I am particularly impressed by the fact that it was cloudy out, but the panels still charged the batteries without a hitch -- this is a result of the new efficient amorphous solar cell technologies which work well under low light conditions. Solar's day in the sun (pun intended) has finally arrived! I also purchased a bank of small solar LED "push lights" that I will install inside my cart, and they worked great too...they produced plenty of light, more than I need.

Update on Preparations - 5/3/2010

Work continues on preparations -- every day I am building something new, and crossing numerous projects off my "to do" list. This weekend I finished building my privacy shelter, so that during my walk I will be able to take showers and private. I designed the structure to be extremely easy to set up; I can have the posts in the ground and the walls & roof attached in literally seconds. It's much faster to set up than a tent. Also, the roof, when attached to shorter posts and placed over a bucket, doubles as a rain catch so I can collect drinking water.

Update on Preparations - 5/1/2010

I have lots of news today...first of all, I've been training really hard lately to get myself into the best shape possible for the cancer walk -- I'm running about 50 miles a week, approximately what would be considered to be an average training regimen for a marathon. I am trying to condition myself to the heat that I will be experiencing out in the desert, so I am taking my training runs during the hottest part of the day (weather here in Florida has been in the mid 80's lately, so it's not really that hot). I wouldn't recommend this regimen for anyone else, but it's fine for me because I am a lifelong runner and I was in better than average shape even before beginning my training for this walk. Yes, I am drinking lots of water!

Yesterday I tested my solar shower for the first time. The shower is basically a black five gallon rubber bag with a shower nozzle attached to it; you leave it out in the sun to warm and then hang it from a tree to take a shower. I was expecting just a short, lukewarm drizzle, but I was very pleasantly surprised. After only three hours laying out in the sun, the shower produced water that was so hot I couldn't even stand under it!! I timed the shower, and it produced a decent stream of water for approximately seven minutes -- plenty of time to get cleaned up. These showers cost only about $8, so I think I will probably buy a second one as a luxury so I can take really long, leisurely showers (if I can spare that much water while out on the road).

Best of all, my solar panels showed up in the mail the day before yesterday. Now all I have to do is get out my soldering iron and a few inexpensive electronic components I purchased at Radio Shack, and I will be able to interface these panels with the battery/inverter units I purchased a few weeks ago and make a totally rad AC power system with more than enough juice to run my laptop and all my communications equipment throughout the walk. Reliable power will be crucial for me because I will be doing hours of publicity every day during my walk. Solar is definitely the way to go.

Update on Preparations - 4/22/2010

In celebration of Earth Day, I just ordered the solar panels for my cancer walk. I live a fairly "green" lifestyle anyway, but for the entire year that I am walking I will need to be nearly totally self-sufficient, and I will of course also be following the backpacker's code: "Take only photographs, leave only footprints."

Happy Earth Day!

Update on Preparations - 4/19/2010

I am doing a huge amount of pre-departure publicity for my cancer walk. My email box is stuffed every day. I am excited to be meeting tons of amazing people who are also involved in the fight against cancer...I have created a "Friends of the Cancer Walk" page to honor these people. Please do whatever you can to support their efforts!

Tomorrow, time permitting, I am going to order the solar panels for my handcart.

I am also working on a funding proposal for to help offset some of the costs of this project.

Update on Preparations - 3/26/2010

Most of my time these last few weeks has been spent on two things: gear and publicity. I've been ordering all sorts of essential equipment I will need for my walk...Katadyn's best reverse-osmosis water filter, two large batteries/inverters for AC power, first aid supplies (Quikclot bandages, snakebite kit, disinfectants, etc.), camp toilet, tarps, wireless broadband equipment, and about a zillion other items I am going to need in my travels.

In addition, I am spending a great deal of time on my pre-departure publicity, since media exposure is key to the success of this venture. I've launched an extensive campaign to find supporters within the blogosphere and social media (MySpace, Facebook, and the like) and I am also trying to reach out to the mainstream media -- I need as many newspapers, radio programmers, and TV stations as possible to carry the story. I cannot afford to hire a PR firm or run TV advertisements, so I really need help from anyone willing to support my efforts. *If you run a blog or have a significant social media presence or work in the mainstream media please contact me at ASAP to set up an interview or do a public service announcement.* I will make press photos and video clips available for media use as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting this project!

First Photos! - 3/1/2010

Cart construction - view of the first completed wheel base.

Another view.

The undercarriage of the cart. I will not be doing any further construction of the cart until just before I leave on the walk.
(The completed cart will be so large that I will not have any place to store it!)

Please check back soon! As the project gets going over the next month or two I will begin posting video blogs, more photos, sponsorship information, press & media links, and all kinds of other goodies for you. Please bookmark this page and return often, because I will need everyone's continued support to make this project a success over the next year!!! :)