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A portion of the Chesapeake Bay viewed from space. (Photo courtesy NASA.)

NOAA Home Page - The official home of the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Volcano World - An excellent website with an essential and up to date list of all of the world's currently erupting volcanos.

Dive And Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor - An interactive web site designed to immerse you in the excitement of discovery and exploration of the deep seafloor.

PaleoMap Project - This site has maps and animations of the geographic arrangements of the Earth's continents going back as far as 1.1 billion years ago.

Mineralogy Database - An in depth listing of over 4,000 naturally occuring mineral compounds complete with photographs and extensive physical data.

Fossils - Window to the Past - A good, basic introduction to paleontology, yet still has enough information to hold the interest of more advanced fossil buffs.

A "black smoker" hydrothermal vent at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
(Photo courtesy OAR/National Undersea Research Program (NURP); NOAA.)

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