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How to join our Folding@home team

Please follow these simple instructions:

1) Visit the Folding@home homepage at Stanford University and download the latest version of their "console" program. We recommend that you use the console version instead of the screensaver because it works more reliably on most systems and processes the data marginally faster. However, if you want to use the screensaver that's OK too, but either way just be sure to join our team (see below). *Please note: Folding@home Versions 1.0 and 2.0 (and all later versions) appear to be entirely separate research projects. We currently only participate in Folding@home Version 2.0 and beyond -- we have ceased our participation in the Version 1.0 program, having successfully completed over 7,000 work units and finished with a ranking within the top 100 teams. While we are very proud of our accomplishments for the project, the Version 1.0 program is in its final stages and is in the process of being phased out by The Pande Group, and therefore we feel that it's time to move on.

2) Install the Folding@home 2.0 or later software on your computer and join our team. Very important: when prompted for a team number type 3423 (that's our team!). You will probably also want to type "yes" to the option to be prompted when the software needs to connect to the Stanford server.

3) Email me with your name, location, and the web addresses of any websites that you own so that I can list you on our volunteers page. Send me an email by clicking here:

4) Happy processing! Be sure to frequently check our Site News page or the Folding@home stats page to see how our team is doing.

Here are some additional tips to make your Folding@home experience a pleaseant one:

-You need to press ctrl-c to close the Folding@home console program when you shut down your computer. (Press and hold your computer's control (ctrl) key, and WHILE STILL HOLDING IT press the letter c).

-If you plan on running Folding@home while you are away from your computer, you can conserve energy by activating your computer's built in power management features. On Windows computers, these controls live within Control Panel.

-Another tip for Windows users: Add fah.exe to your computer's startup folder located in the start menu so that Folding@home will launch automatically when you boot your computer.