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Contrary to popular belief, math is not impossible to learn if you take it one small step at a time. (Take it from me, I'm one of the "slow" ones, LOL!) Start by reviewing what you already know and then try to learn a few new subjects. It can be very helpful if you read biographies of some of the men and women who created math in the first place -- this is the BEST way to discover the wonder of mathematics and it will help you to see clearly what math is really all about and why it is useful.

The Mac Tutor History of Mathematics Archive - One of the best mathematics sites on the net.

Wolfram MathWorld - An encyclopedic mathematics resource hosted by Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica software. - A math site for kids!

Glossary of Mathematics from UC Davis - We all need one of this from time to time.

Fourmilab Random Number Generator (HotBits) - A very cool site that uses a Geiger-Muller Tube connected to a computer to generate truly random numbers by timing radioactive decay events.

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature - Learn all about the famous "Fibonacci Series".

A Tutorial on Binary Numbers - The only reason your computer works is because electronic circuits can use Binary Math, AKA base 2, to represent two voltage states ("on" or "off"). Visit this site to learn what Binary Math is and how it works.

Clay Mathematics Institute - Millenium Prize Problems - Win big! CMI will give $1 million dollars each for the solutions to seven old and important mathematics questions that have resisted all past attempts to solve them (look under the "Awards" drop-down tab).

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