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How to join our SETI@home team

Please follow these simple instructions:

1) Visit the SETI@home homepage at UC Berkeley and download the latest version of the SETI@home software.

2) Install the SETI@home software on your computer. You will probably want to type "yes" to the option to be prompted when the software needs to connect to the UC Berkeley server.

3) Join our SETI@home team by visiting the SETI@home homepage and clicking on the "group statistics" link under statistics. Then scroll down and search for Craig Research Labs. When the Craig Research Labs stats page comes up, click "join".

4) Email me with your name, location, and the web addresses of any websites that you own so that I can list you on our volunteers page. Send me an email by clicking here.

5) Happy processing! Be sure to frequently check our Site News page or the SETI@home stats page to see how our team is doing.

Here are some additional tips to make your SETI@home experience a pleaseant one:

-You can process SETI@home work units much more quickly if you turn off the graphics by selecting the "data analysis always runs" option on the software's Preferences menu and then just allow the program to run in the background while you work (i.e.- don't maximize it).

-If you plan on running SETI@home while you are away from your computer, you can conserve energy by activating your computer's built in power management features. On Windows computers, these controls live within Control Panel.