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The Solar Energy Page

Welcome to the Craig Research Labs Solar Energy Page. This page is devoted to solar energy topics and resources. At Craig Research Labs, we believe that solar power is a critically important source of energy for this planet and that it should be rapidly developed. Therefore, we present you with this page of solar resources and information to explore in the hopes that once you become more familiar with solar energy, you too will begin to appreciate and use it, and eventually will come to champion it. 
Our star, Sol, The Sun.

Solar power is easy to generate, non-poluting, and is an effectively inexhaustible source of energy. Historically it has not been considered economical enough for widespread adoption due to the inefficiency and expense of older solar cells, and the low cost and abundent supply of petroleum during the twentieth century. In recent years this picture has begun to change, with the general rise in oil and gas prices, the environmental impact of fossil fuel use, the overwhelming safety concerns surrounding nuclear energy, and new technological advances in the field of solar energy research including substantial increases in the efficiency of solar cells, and new solar cell manufacturing techniques that are lowering the overall cost per kilowatt hour for "on the grid" solar electric generation. It is beginning to look as though solar's day has finally arrived.

To drive this point home, I will be using the solar power system shown above throughout my year long walk across America to raise money for cancer research.

US Department of Energy Photovoltaics Program - Take a look inside the US government's solar energy program. This site contains (among a great many other things) a neat video animation where you can learn how a solar cell works.

Mr. Solar Home Page - One of the best practical solar energy pages I know of for individuals interested in do-it-yourself solar home conversion. Learn how to live "off the grid".

Solar Energy Product Buyer's Guide - A HUGE database.

World Solar Challenge - Official site of the annual solar car race held in Australia.


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