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Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial Page

There are no words to express the enormity of the loss of the seven shuttle astronauts. We have all seen the pictures, and we have all heard the news coverage. The purpose of this page is not to cause further grief by reliving the tragedy, but to remember the astronauts and to try to give some insight into how important their work was and what they were doing in space in the first place.

This memorial page will remain live on the Internet until either the space shuttle or its successor flies again.

Astronaut Bios:

Commander Rick Husband

Pilot William McCool

Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla

Mission Specialist David Brown

Mission Specialist Michael Anderson

Mission Specialist Laurel Clark

Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon

The STS-107 Mission

When astronauts go into orbit, they are doing work that has immediate practical benefit here on Earth. There were over 80 experiments being performed by the STS-107 crew; follow the links below to learn about them.

STS-107 Mission Overview

STS-107 Mission Experiments

The Columbia Orbiter


History of The Columbia

Space Shuttle Basics

Space Shuttle Reference Manual (in depth and technical)

Share Your Thoughts

I have set up the following message board so that you can express your feelings about the STS-107 astronauts, the mission, and the loss of the Columbia orbiter.

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