A Message From The Director


Big News! I am pleased to announce that the Craig Research Labs Cancer Walk will finally take place this year. After a five year wait to reorganize every aspect of the plan, I am excited to be leaving to begin the walk across America sometime in the next couple of months (TBA soon). I am currently in the final phases of preparation — collecting my gear, making press contacts, and getting my finances and personal life in order. There is much to do, so of necessity, this “Message from the Director” will be brief.

This project will be without a doubt the largest undertaking ever attempted by Craig Research Labs. It will certainly require a herculean effort from me, but I will also need all of your help to bring it off successfully, since Craig Research Labs is an all volunteer organization. The goal of the cancer walk is to convince every person in America to donate one dollar to cancer research for every family member or close friend they have known in their lifetime who has fought cancer. It is not lost on me that this task will be made all the more difficult by the tough economic circumstances currently being experienced by the nation. However, even in difficult times, it is important that we do not lose our focus on attaining seemingly insurmountable goals like curing cancer; we are the most innovative and prosperous nation on earth, and the vast majority of us own cars, flat screen TVs, computers, etc. — just about any modern convenience we want — so it is not unrealistic for me to ask for four or five dollars from each individual in the country to find a cure for cancer, in spite of the current recession. We are the nation that invented the airplane, the electric light, and the integrated circuit…we put the first man on the moon…we have already cured many deadly diseases…and we can cure cancer too. THIS IS WHAT WE AMERICANS DO — WE MAKE THE PREVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. It’s our frontier spirit. I challenge everyone to step up to the plate now and take a swing. C’mon, you can do it!

Craig Research Labs is a grass roots organization. I need everyone’s help to spread the word about this project. I know that I can count on the many loyal volunteers who make up the core of the Craig Research Labs volunteer teams. You have never let me down. What this project will need, however, in order to be a complete success, is the support and enthusiasm of the press. I ask all the members of the US media TO PAY ATTENTION AND COVER THIS PROJECT at every possible opportunity. I cannot bring my message to the American people without your help. Your role in this project is arguably even more important that mine — without your support I will be just taking a very long, tiring, and mostly pointless walk. Any blogger, journalist, or reporter who would like to do an interview, article, or PSA should get in touch with me by email at [email protected] at the earliest possible opportunity. Also, ANYONE can become a great asset by making posts about this project through social media (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) — tell all your friends, and tell them to tell all their friends. Please make sure you include a link back to Craig Research Labs (, so they can find us to get the latest information on the cancer walk.

Obviously, this project is going to take up most of my time and energy over the next year. However, all of the Lab’s other ongoing projects will continue as usual. Our “Click to Cure Cancer” page is the oldest continuously operating click-to-donate charity page for cancer research on the Internet. Our team for UC Berkeley’s groundbreaking [email protected] project has crunched 78,811 work units. And our score for Stanford University’s [email protected] computational biology project stands at 538,555. I would like to personally thank all of our dedicated volunteers for your continued efforts! Maybe I will get to meet some of you while I am out on my walk. 🙂

Douglas Craig
Craig Research Labs